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Pálavské Vinohrady
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About of resort Palava Apartments


If you like wine, cycling, fishing, surfing, kiting, sailing, monuments, wander beautiful nature, definitely pay a visit to Pálava. Your experience highlights the stunning accommodation overlooking the Mušov lake, harbor and castle Děvičky. Palava Vineyards Apartments will enchant you with architecture, beautiful interiors, terrace with all services. If you are accustomed to prepare their own breakfast or dinner, you have a fully equipped kitchenette. If you prefer definitely take advantage of excellent restaurants nearby Pavlov Hotel, breakfast box will bring up to the apartment. The apartments are also equipped with a refrigerator, TV, 2 beds and 2 beds. Your car will be parked safely in an enclosed area. Your wheels can be placed in locked boxes. To sit with friends in the wine cellar, we have it ready for you!

There Palava vineyards you can rent apartments of two kinds - ground and mezzanine. Space is almost identical, with a floor area of ​​about 50 m2 25-30 m2 and a terrace. Duplex apartment in the attic has 2 single beds and the floor below the living area with sofa or. sofa bed / extra bed for 2 persons, with TV, kitchen and table. Kitchen is equipped with electrical appliances, including refrigerators. Of course there is a separate bathroom with toilet. Each apartment has a terrace with sitting on the exterior with charming views of the lake Mušov. Ground floor apartment also 2 beds and 2 extra beds. Some of the apartments are equipped with air conditioning, some with jacuzzi. These apartments are marked in the price list and are more expensive at 100 CZK / person / night. Each apartment is equipped with original interiors and has a very friendly impression.
The apartments are freely accessible internet connection.
Accessories: 1 parking space, a lockable box on wheels. The area is fenced, each visitor along with keys to the apartment and receives the keys of the lower and upper entrance gates for car and pedestrian gates.
The apartment is in a closed area Palava vineyards, where the terms are served administrator. When you arrive you transmit key administrators from the apartment and you learn all the important information. There is also during your entire stay. Upon departure, the administrator checks the apartment and take the key from you.